Poezja - Zbigniew Barteczka

Poniżej kilka wierszy przełożonych na język angielski przez Roberta Rutkowskiego.

The aroma of cappuccino

comebacks cooled in immensity
tears knocked off with the rustle of words

a moment suspended in memory
lasts in unity with a lump of sugar

faces of strangers drifting behind the window
covered with silence

the last tram winks with its red
eyes we sit tucked in solitude

hopeless seasons pass by
spider’s web cover calendars

these glances the aroma of cappuccino
a check keep the change


translated by Robert T. Rutkowski



No-man’s-land of perdition. A pond.
Empty fields. Daisies bended over abide.

Now you are free. Fear not…
The heart beats with the yearning rhythm.

Behind the balustrade of words crushed into nothingness
There is still a glimmer of hope.

The eyes of the innocence weakened under cover of night.
I close the music box. I live on.

translated by Robert T. Rutkowski



Sometimes when I look at you, you turn out your face
Nothing was certain then. A bottle of milk at the door

Bathrobe drying over the bath. And your pantyhose dancing bolero
Morning sneaking slowly through half-open window-vent

For a moment, just for a moment
Feel your presence, hear

These forgotten words, turn to dust this silence
Fulfill this mean emptiness which came into being

translated by Robert T. Rutkowski


jakob böhme

looking at the tin mirror
it was enough

in the lighting of revelation
he saw the gates of paradise

he knew that the movement of butterfly’s wings
could change his entire life

while meditating he recognized
the paths of the stars

he walked with his Maker
over the horizon of occurrence

he understood that we are
a white paper

written in heart
in the tough matter

translated by Robert T. Rutkowski


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